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Who’s Playing

Every Gaming Event is an exciting opportunity to socialize, but the teams at MCP WTC won’t be here for fun. They will be laser focused on the $500,000 USD and 50,000 EPT points that are at stake. Read about the competitors below.

Gaming Team in Blue


Overseas Talent

Everyone knows that Deluge has what it takes to win. They’ve proven how dangerous they are at countless competitions over the past year. Still, they see themselves as underdogs, and they’re hungry for another title.

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Gaming Team in Navy

Velocity Squash

Reigning Champs

Velocity Squash is not a one-trick pony. They compete in three different games and, amazingly, they have placed in the top five at tournaments for each one over the past six months. Will MCP WTC be another notch in their belt?

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Gaming Team in Black

Animal Kingdom

Fan Favorite

After an extended hiatus, Animal Kingdom is back on the scene. Have they lost a step, or are they well-rested and ready to dominate again? Whatever the outcome, Animal Kingdom will be one of the most exciting teams to watch this year.

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